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Buy & Sell a Practice

buy sell practiceNow might be the right time to buy a practice, or to sell a practice that you’ve built from the ground up, but without the right information on your side you may have a difficult time doing so. Buying and selling businesses isn’t an uncommon practice, but it needs to be performed with patience, a commitment to a price point, and the right information on current market conditions. You will also need leads, including legal services depending on your current state and its regulations.

For some dental practice owners, the entire process can be overwhelming, especially if you are still running the practice at the time. The same is true of those who want to make a purchase; if you are currently running a business, and want to buy a practice to make a career switch, you may not have the time to personally track down all of the necessary information to make an informed purchase. That’s where we can help.

Our services with buying and selling practices comes down to:

  • Helping you to locate verified and qualified buyers and sellers. One of the most difficult parts about buying or selling a practice isn’t necessarily locating interested people, but finding people who will actually commit to a sale or purchase. You could spend months, or even years, sorting through candidates that express interest but ultimately choose to back out. The longer that you wait, the more money you could be losing. We help to streamline the process by putting you in touch with the right people.
  • Providing marketing that will announce your interest of sale or purchase on your behalf, so that you get proper representation for your interests, your price points, and more. We can provide adequate online and offline coverage, including contact information for the best avenues to make a sale or purchase of a dental practice. Instead of attempting to hunt down the information on your own time, you can rely on our team to pin down the who, where, when, and how of the sale.
  • Research and analysis of current market conditions in your designated area so that you know what price points to expect, and where demand may be the highest if you plan to make a sale. Going in blind may result in a lot of negotiation that you don’t need to waste your time on, but when you have an accurate idea of what the current market in your chosen location looks like in real time, it can cut down your search time dramatically and open up even more opportunities for sale or purchase.

Your Guide to a World of Opportunities

Armed with the right knowledge and research into dental practice markets in the locations that you want to buy or sell in, you can cut down the time of your search dramatically. You can also know when to make the right decision, thanks to our trend analysis, and locate buyers that are firmly committed to finalizing a purchase, and sellers who won’t waste your time if you have the money on hand.

We can even connect you with lawyers if there are legal terms and conditions that must be reviewed in your state before you can finalize a sale. All of our recommendations on sales and consultation come with our experience in dental markets, dental marketing, and the real world sales and purchases that we’ve helped to facilitate. Whether you’re ready to break out of your old practice and open your own, or you’ve decided to retire and want to get a fair price for the amount of work that you’ve put into your location, our dental sale and purchase services are ready, willing, and able to assist you.

Learn more about our dental sales and purchases services by contacting our Sales team, and getting a cost-free quote and estimation on how much your practice could be worth.

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