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Dental SEO Company– How to Tell if your Campaign is Working

When it comes to the world of online marketing, it can be a struggle to know where to begin. After all, in the world of dentistry finding a dental seo company can prove to be a bit of a headache. We have numerous ways of marketing our businesses on the world wide web but search engine optimization, or SEO is considered by many to be one of the most effective techniques. It is cost-effective, easy to master when you know how, and it is also arguably the best method of marketing yourself or your dental practice if you stay on top of things.

A dental seo expert can benefit companies big and small, from a wide range of all services.  Today we’ll be focussing on the benefits of finding a dental seo company as we look at a few tell-tale signs that your SEO campaign is working. After all, the greater your dental seo marketing campaign is, the greater chance you’ll stand of beating your competitors. So, here’s how you can tell whether your dental SEO campaign is working or not.

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Your Clickthrough Rate should be increased dental seo company

Okay, first off we’ll begin by looking at Clickthrough Rates, or CTR for short. Though there’s a lot more technical info that what we’re about to look at, the basic premise behind CTR is that it is the amount of times your website is clicked which is then divided by the amount of times that your website makes an appearance within the search engines.

So, say for example that your website made an appearance on Google 200 times and was clicked 20 times, this would give your website a clickthrough rate of 10%. After hiring a dental SEO company and launching a dental SEO marketing campaign, one of the best ways of seeing whether or not the campaign is working is to look at your clickthrough rate via analytics.

If the campaign has been implemented successfully and is working, you should notice a direct correlation between the date that the campaign launched and an increase in your website clickthrough rate. If your CTR has increased, this shows that you’re off to a good start though there is still much more to explore.

Organic traffic rates should also increase – Organic traffic may sound like something from a Sci-Fi novel, but it is actually a technical term used in the dental seo services and marketing world. As we’re trying to keep things fairly simple, organic traffic is a term used to describe the amount of visits that your website gets as a direct result of people finding your site through the search engines.

This is actually one of the easiest ways of determining whether or not your dental SEO company is earning its keep because of the simplicity of what organic traffic is. The idea behind SEO is that it helps your website to rank better on the search engines. After all, the clue is in the name ‘SEARCH ENGINE optimization’. If a dental SEO campaign is working you should begin to see an increase in the amount of organic traffic that your website receives on a daily basis.

The trick here is to not obsess over the numbers on a daily basis, but to instead check these numbers perhaps once per month. You can easily get this information via Google analytics though if you have hired a dental SEO company, they’ll handle all of the analytics anyway so you can just sit back and let them tell you all that you need to know.

To see whether it really is working you can compare organic traffic data to previous months before you hired the dental SEO services company. Hopefully you should notice a fairly steep rise in the amount of organic traffic your website has received since hiring the SEO experts.

Referral visits should be up – Up next we’re going to talk to you about referral visits. You see, by monitoring the amount of people that visit your site via referrals, you can again measure the effectiveness of your dental SEO marketing campaign. If you were wondering what referral traffic is, this is basically a term used to describe the amounts of visitors to your website who have been directed to your website via a link from another website or webpage.

Referral visits are very useful because these can be used to see whether or not your website is benefitting from effective backlinks. You see, backlinks can greatly improve your ranking on the search engine, but not only that, backlinks can also drive more traffic to your website. This means that you are benefitting twice, with no real drawbacks. But the benefits of backlinks don’t stop there either.

Referral traffic is also very useful for measuring the effectiveness of social media. Social media is another potentially lucrative marketing tool and referral traffic is great because it can also help record the number of people that are visiting your website after coming directly from a social media page. Again, this info can easily be obtained via Google Analytics.

You’re ranking on search engines for your target keywords – When it comes to measuring a dental seo campaign’s success, a lot of the time you’ll find that companies will simply search for their name on the search engines or for generic keywords relating to their industry on Google and will see how well they’re ranking against their competitors.

However, when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of a dental SEO company and campaign, personalized keywords and phrases may be applied, and this can sometimes work against you. In order for you to receive un-personalized search results, you can go through your analytics dashboard which will simply tell you which keywords you happen to be ranking for along with where they happen to be positioned on the page.

Once you hire the best dental SEO sites and experts and let them handle your SEO marketing campaign, this analytical data should show you how you are moving up in positions, so at the start of the campaign you could have been at the 8th position but after hiring the dental SEO expert and implementing the SEO changes you could have moved to 4th place. 4th place is obviously better than 8th so this is yet another good indication that your dental SEO marketing campaign is proving effective.

Your bounce rate is impressive – Driving traffic to your website is all well and good, and yes we understand it can help build brand awareness and give you exposure but sometimes that is simply not enough. Having people quickly directed to the homepage of your website is the first step but ideally you want them to stick around, browse your site, and ultimately make a purchase or get in contact with you about booking an appointment.

This is where it pays to understand about bounce rates. A bounce rate is basically the number of people that visit the first page, and then decide to quickly leave your website and look elsewhere. If in one month, your bounce rate is 50%, this means that 1 in 2 visitors to your site is quickly deciding to hit the dreaded ‘back’ button and look elsewhere. This is a clear indication that something is not right with your website, or with the user-experience and it will need to be addressed.

Before hiring the dental SEO company in question, you should first check the analytics and make note of your bounce rate. After hiring the experts, check the bounce rate a month later and compare the results. If your dental SEO campaign is working, your bounce rate should be improved, which basically means that fewer people are deciding to leave your site after making their way over to it in the first place. The more people that stick around, the more people are likely to contact you, make an appointment and visit your dental practice.

You’re performing well on relevant landing pages – As you know, the dental industry now offers a number of different treatments and services, which means that you’ll want to be performing well for each service or treatment you provide. Say you offer teeth whitening services for example, you’ll no doubt want to ensure that you’re targeting keywords and phrases relevant to teeth whitening and so you’ll need to ensure you’re performing well on these pages.

You can easily check how well you’re doing by checking out Google analytics, clicking ‘behavior’, clicking ‘site content’, and then clicking ‘landing pages’. This info will tell you how well each relevant page on your website is performing via the search engines and how much traffic they’re receiving.

If you can see that all relevant pages are doing well and you can see a direct increase in their productivity since you hired the dental SEO company in question this is yet another great indicator that the dental SEO sites guys are doing the job you hired them to do.

Your conversions are increasing – Seeing a direct increase in website traffic and enquires is all well and good, but if your dental practice isn’t making sales then what’s the point in hiring an SEO company if you’re not making anymore money?

Think of your website like a store. Sure it’s great having more people actually inside your store and asking you about your products, but if these people are then turning around and walking out without making a sale you’ll be no better off financially. One of the best indicators of whether or not your dental SEO is working is to see whether it has resulted in an increase in conversions.

You can check how many people have clicked things like ‘contact forms’ or ‘email addresses’ and calls to action etc, which will then help show you whether or not your conversions are increasing and if so, what lead to the increase. There are a number of SEO marketing companies out there that still, in this day and age, do not track conversions so before hiring anybody it is worth double-checking that the company you’re interested in does track conversions for you.

You should have more time on your hands – Remember, you own and run your own dental practice so that’s where you will need to be focussing most of your time and expertise. You are not a dental SEO expert and you therefore do not want to be spending the majority of your time trying to improve the SEO of your dental practice to gain more customers and patients.

If the dental SEO company that you hired to handle your SEO is working effectively, you should have more time on your hands to focus on running your dental practice. The idea behind hiring the experts is that they take care of the SEO and you simply wait for the number of enquiries and conversions to increase.

If you’re not having to focus on trying to boost your website’s SEO, yet you’re still enjoying all the benefits of great SEO, this is another crystal-clear indicator that your SEO campaign is working.

You’re seeing a good ROI – Finally, the last way to determine whether or not your dental SEO is working is to simply look at whether or not you’re seeing a good ROI. A ROI, or a Return on Investment is a clear indicator of whether your dental SEO company is doing the job you paid them to do.

In the business world, you have to spend money to make money and as you have no doubt guessed, these SEO experts do not work for free. If you wish to benefit from their services, like those offered to the best dental sites for dentists you are going to have to hire them and pay for their services. To find out whether your campaign is successful or not, simply offset the amount of money you’ve made since hiring the dental SEO expert company, against how much money you have spent on hiring the dental SEO marketing company in question.

Obviously it will take time for you to see an impressive return on your investment but after three to six months, if your campaign has been a success, you should see that you’ve made considerably more money than you would ordinarily have made, showing that hiring them was indeed a smart investment. If however, after several months you’re barely making any additional money or worse still, you’re actually losing money, something will need to change.

And that brings our look at dental SEO marketing to a close. Remember, here at our aim is to offer you helpful, informative, and practical advice on what you can do to grow your dental business.

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