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Conversion Optimization

?????????????????????????????????The internet has been a proven way of generating more attention, and new patients through your door, but to get to the rate of effectiveness that you need for a great ROI, you need a conversion rate that matches your goals. Simple improvements to the look of a website aren’t actually enough to improve that rate; you need the right “Calls to Action” located around the site that drive visitors to submit information, the right organization of your site so that users can quickly find what they need, and layouts that are friendly and easy to navigate.

With our conversion optimization services, we focus on a direct improvement to your patients leads and conversions by:

  • Accurately tracking the source of your traffic, and making improvements based on that feedback. When we know where the strengths of your website lie, it’s far easier to learn about which areas need to be improved, and even why, all thanks to the statistical information and trend research that’s included with conversion optimization.
  •  Looking at different avenues of traffic that you may be missing, and conversions as a result. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile traffic, but a majority of people in your area use their mobile devices to perform searches and find dental practices, it’s easier to put two and two together and find a practical solution.
  •  Integrating conversion optimization into your search engine optimization and other marketing services for even more dynamic results. By focusing on issues like your landing page, your current flow of traffic, and other important information, we can bring all of your marketing efforts together for a common goal of converting more leads into direct patient sales of service for you.

Like other forms of optimization, conversion optimization will often work with the existing website that you have currently running, but it may also call for the creation of content, such as a landing page if you do not currently have one. With ongoing conversion optimization and management, we can also work to create timely landing page improvements and changes, help to market new sales and promotions that your practice may be able to offer, and more.

Broadening Your Horizons

One of the key pillars of conversion optimization isn’t to look at keywords that pre-existing patients may be using, such as branded keywords, but to instead incorporate non-branded keywords into your optimization efforts. If your patients are searching for your name, chances are that they are already working with an assumption of who you are, and what your practice can provide. For those searches, reputation management and SEO are best. For non-branded searches, conversion optimization can utilize the strengths of SEO and PPC to target keywords and trends that more often result in direct conversions of traffic.

With PPC management, we can provide a more accurate read on the amount of interest that your practice receives, and also track conversions.

With SEO, we can work to bring you to the top of rankings of dentists in your area, even if your name isn’t mentioned anywhere in the search query.

These methods, when combined with optimization to the site itself and the flow of traffic from visitors, can all work together to improve the accuracy of online marketing, and to get better results within a short period of time. While conversion optimization doesn’t necessarily mean higher traffic numbers, it does often deliver on improving the value of the traffic that you receive. In terms of improving your ROI, conversion optimization does work.

If you need to improve the quality of your traffic and the conversions that your marketing currently delivers, then contact our Marketing team and learn more about what we can do to make conversion optimization work for you. We can combine our conversion optimization with other dental SEO services, as well as work with stand-alone cases where conversion optimization can provide positive results.

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