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VideoSites like YouTube, and social media networks which can host video content, all point toward the importance of having professional video content on your own website. Videos can improve your visibility, your visitor engagement rates, and even give your site an added push in climbing search engine rankings. When used properly, they can be an easy and thoughtful method for communicating the services that you provide to potential patients, and for demonstrating just what sets you apart from your competition.

Whenever most people consider video content for their businesses, they may think of traditional television commercials in a digital format, but that isn’t always the case. Videos can be great for:

  • Showing off patient testimonials.
  • Giving visitors an inside look at your practice.
  • Interviews with staff about the latest developments in services that you provide.
  • An overview of your practice, including specifics about your own dental health experience.

We can work to provide a professional video experience for your website users that will not only provide visitors with a deeper look into why they should choose you for their dental care, but which will also provide you with more visibility in search engine results.

Dental Videos with Great Results

Prospective patients are looking for high quality in their media, and that includes videos that they choose to view. Whether you have a video right on your landing page, or you have individual videos for other pages that detail your services, it’s important to maintain a consistent level of quality in production, audio, and graphic design. We understand that a lot of thought has to be put into each and every video, even when they are a minute or less in length, which is why we give every project the amount of attention that they will need to be successful.

  • We create scripts based off of the input that you provide, and will review all of our scripts with you before we begin video production.
  • We make it easy to manage video content and place it on your site, with services that include YouTube and social networking integration for better results.
  • We make sure to shoot and edit all of our videos with the services of professionals that have real world experience in video production, which gives you a highly polished end product that you can be proud of.
  • We can provide sample videos that we have worked on in the past, along with pricing information, turn over time for production, and much more.

If you’re serious about marketing your dental website online, then it’s time to be serious about your video content offerings as well. When you speak with our video production team about your projects and goals, you will get feedback and consultation from some of the very best video marketing and production staff available. You can also get ideas on where and how videos could have the biggest impact on your site, including information on how video sharing through social media networks can play a vital role in your marketing campaign.

Stunning HD Videos

By choosing to add video content, you could increase the amount of interest in your practice by as much as 40%, and with mobile-optimized web content, you will see even better results with your audience. Remember, media content is one of the criteria that sites like Google use to determine which sites will rank higher than others; that, along with the amount of time that a user spends on your page before returning to the search engine, can determine where you stand among the competition.

Increasing user engagement, and giving your site better visibility are just two of the benefits that video content can provide. We can work with practices at nearly any budget to produce videos in both short and long time formats, as well as provide digital delivery services and options to make it simple to get your video online quickly. Ask our video production team about how we can help you today.

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