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localSeoHaving a great looking dental website and search engine marketing is ideal, but are you also making sure to cover your local base of patients? Local results are important because they focus on putting your name on the map, quite literally; search engines like Google and Bing use local maps to return results to users based on geographical information that those users have provided. In other words, if they have an account with their city and zipcode attached, or if they search for the best dentists in an area, those maps will let them see which dentists are nearby.

Local search engine optimization doesn’t just give you a heads up on new patients, however. It can also be a way to control your community image, with attached links to online review sites, information on your own practice’s website, and more. Local map results also give contact information, which is very important for services like dental practices that can provide emergency care for people who need it at the last second. If you’re interested in reaching people who are genuinely in need of dental services at any given moment, then local search marketing is one of the best ways to reach them.

How is Local Search Marketing Different?

If you already have a marketing plan in place, it can be tempting to assume that you won’t need a local search marketing campaign as well, but make no mistake; local marketing is often less expensive and faster when it comes to delivering real results.

  • Local marketing keeps costs down. Instead of having to compete with a nationwide search of dentists, your results will be focused more on a very specific area of practices, which makes it much easier for you to get to the top of the list.
  •  It will take less time to rank. Local search rank improvements can often take half of the amount of time to get improvements as you would see through other forms of SEO. When combined with other forms of marketing, such as social media marketing, those results are even more powerful, and can work in less time.
  •  You can reach real world patients faster. Patients leads are an important part, if not the most important part, of dental marketing. By having your information in a place that is both easy to see and easy to connect with for patients, you will have far more success in connecting with potential patients that may need care that very day.

Local search engine marketing is the “go to” marketing plan for dental practices both large and small, but one of its biggest advantages is that it can work within nearly any budget due to streamlined costs and goals. If you’re interested in just trying out a new form of marketing for your practice, and want to get the right introduction to the industry, local marketing is often your safest bet.

Local Results for Local Patients

Our local search services include the sort of website optimization that you would expect from our other dentist SEO services, but with a greater focus on getting local map results and rankings that your business will come to rely on. We also provide ongoing services that can maintain those results, so that you continue to get a flow of new patients and improve your older patient retention rates.

Local search also works well with other marketing services that we provide, including reputation management, social media integration, video content, and more. You can create really strong bonds with your community, and its growing number of internet-savvy residents that may be looking for dental services as we speak.

To get started, just contact our team to learn more about our plans and packages, or submit your information for a no-obligation, cost-free quote. Our services all come with different options, making it easy for you to find the right choice for your needs, all at the best prices.

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