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Pay-Per-ClickPay Per Click, or PPC, marketing services can provide dental practices with the ability to improve the traffic that their website sees from the demographics that matter the most. PPC plans for dentist can focus specifically on the most high-value potential patients that are out there, with optimization and PPC services that help to connect you with the right traffic sources. By utilizing PPC campaigns alongside other types of marketing, you can get a very powerful platform of sponsored links, but at rates that are only due when users click on an ad. That means that if it doesn’t work, you won’t pay for it, which is the sort of guarantee most people can get behind.

Because you will only be charged when a user clicks a link, our goal is going to be getting as much traffic inbound as possible, but at a reasonable price per click. Our team of PPC and marketing experts will streamline the entire process, target the right keywords and demographics for your practice, and always work to improve on existing campaigns to get even better results through refinement and dedication.

A Marketing Method that Works

One of the most appealing aspects of PPC for our clients is the great return on investment, or ROI, that they get with our services. We work to create and manage PPC campaigns that focus on the best ways to market your practice, and the best places. We can work with multiple PPC campaigns at the same time as well, giving you the ability to extend and expand your marketing reach in a way that won’t stretch your budget too far.

Part of our effectiveness in PPC marketing comes from the amount of time that we put into development and research of the right keywords, the right demographics, and the right avenues of traffic. If we find that you could be getting much better results from pursuing social media opportunities, we will always let you know as soon as possible.

    • We monitor the results of your PPC campaign over time to improve our methods wherever and whenever necessary. It’s not enough to just put a PPC campaign out into the wild and hope for the best; our incentive is to make an evolving campaign that will help you to reach your traffic and patient lead goals.
    • We utilize SEO and other methods to work well with PPC in terms of boosting your traffic, and your ROI for both marketing methods. By covering both sponsored link traffic and organic traffic, you will have all of your bases covered, which is something that your competition may lack.
    • We benchmark our results and monitor statistics to learn more about the surfing and clicking habits of your most important demographics, with an increased focus on the demographics that you’re interested in drawing to your practice. Whether you’re interested in getting more emergency care patients, or you want to expand into cosmetic dentistry options, we’ve got the right support to get you there.

Working Together for Better Results

You can also combine PPC marketing with other online marketing services, such as our video production and our social media management, to get even better results. Our specialists work with Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, and high traffic sites like Facebook to push advertising through sensible and relevant marketing campaigns. When you have all of your marketing handled under one roof by teams that are in communication, it’s far easier to pool resources and improve our success rates on all fronts.

To get more information on our PPC services, and for price quotes per click, just contact our marketing team today and find out how we can help you get traffic going into your direction. We’ve got experience with dental practices all around the country, and have the tools and resources to get started on a PPC campaign that could be launched that very day.

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