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analytics and trackingFlying blind is a mistake that far too many website owners make in terms of determining just how effective their site is, and where they can make improvements. While it may seem like the right idea to simply monitor the amount of hits that your site receives on a daily and monthly basis, you may not be getting the full picture of where and how your site could be improved.

With our analytics software and background in search engine trending, we can provide ample support for dental practices that want to look “under the hood” and find out where the strengths and weaknesses of their site truly lie. With analytics, you can:

  • Find out when you receive the most traffic, and from which sources.
  • Learn more about which pages are getting the most traffic on your site, and where that traffic is coming from.
  • More accurately gauge the level of success that your social media integration is having for your site, and where improvements may need to be made.
  • Learn about the length of time that visitors are spending on your site, including the amount of time that they spend on individual pages.
  • Get an effective read on the last page that visitors tend to see before they leave the site, and get a more accurate view of the steps that visitors take before they get there.
  • Pinpoint places on your site that are successful in converting leads, whether that involves filling out an information submission form or a contact link where they can find more information.

Without analytics, you may not know which landing pages are really pulling in visitors or converting visitors into possible patients, or even how much of a return you’re getting for your investment. It’s important to have a competent and comprehensive analytics program backing your online marketing services, which is where we can help.

Analytics and Trends through Google, Bing, and More

Search engines can account for as much as 80% to 90% of your total inbound traffic, which is why we utilize services like Google Analytics to measure statistics for our clients. Google Analytics itself is free, and integrates perfectly into other online marketing platforms like AdWords and content management tools. With tools like Google Analytics, we can monitor which keywords are more likely to convert leads, track the traffic from A/B marketing content tests, and more.

We always prefer to bundle our analytics services with our other dental marketing packages so that clients can get a digital dashboard and updates on the progress of their marketing campaign, but we also offer exclusive analytics services to practices that may just want a second look at how their current website is performing. Whether you would like to start building momentum the right way, or you want to grade and benchmark your site to see where improvements can be made, we make it easy to integrate our analytics services into other marketing services.

Because our statistics come from valuable sources like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more, we can also get a more accurate read on how your site is performing with different markets and demographics. Through our trend analysis of social media network traffic and statistics, we can often determine the best course of action for improving your results, and for knowing when and where content publishing will have the biggest impact for your marketing investment.

For ROI, faster results, and higher accuracy, analytics are simply indispensable. To learn more about our analytics services and how we can integrate them into your current marketing services, just contact our team for more details. Our analytics services are both comprehensive and extremely affordable, which is why many of our clients prefer to use them as opposed to attempting to perform their own statistical research. We put the time, experience, and focus necessary into giving you the feedback that you need to know.

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