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Within the next two years, most marketing experts project that mobile internet usage will become higher than desktop internet traffic. That means that you’ll have more people searching for dentists from their mobile phones than they do from their home or work computer, and why you also need to have a website that can meet and greet this growing demographic of users that can use their phones to search for dentists and for reviews.

Without a mobile-optimized site, you could be missing out on as much as half of your potential traffic. While it’s true that mobile users can access a site that is not mobile optimized, most will go back to a search engine result page if your site doesn’t have a mobile-friendly layout. The most common reason? Mobile users want a fast loading, great looking experience, and they consider sites that don’t offer a mobile version to be either outdated or simply uncaring about what the current market expects.

If you’re one of the many dental practices that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site, or if you do have a site and it needs to be updated to look great on modern mobile platforms, we’ve got mobile development services that can quickly get you back on the right track.

A Growing Market with Massive Potential

It’s no secret that there are more mobile device users than ever before, but did you know that the number of mobile users currently connected online has exceeded the billions worldwide? In fact, there are over 5 billion mobile device users throughout the world, and of the mobile users in America, a majority of those devices are connected to the internet. With mobile optimization and development, you can:

  • Reach users who are looking for your dental services right now, many of whom will want to schedule as soon as possible. Combined with local search engine optimization, mobile optimization allows you to tap into the growing trend of searching for services that you can connect with through your phone as soon as you see the right results.
  • Manage your reputation with a group that can view reviews and other information wherever they are. Mobile internet reviews and information have had a big impact on the retail market, so it’s no wonder that they’ve also influenced how people choose their dental health services provider.
  • Get smart marketing for mobile device users through contact lists, SMS marketing, and more. Along with other content, like social media integration, you can provide tons of ways for mobile users to connect with your site and stay engaged, making it more likely that they will get follow up care on top of any fast care that they might need.

There are other advantages to consider as well: Mobile websites tend to be very lightweight, which means lower bandwidth requirements, and are extremely easy to integrate into your main site. Once your site detects incoming traffic from a mobile device, it will simply be redirected to the mobile optimized content instead, which means you won’t have to worry about registering another domain.

With mobile development and marketing, you’ll also find plenty of ways to increase your patient engagement rates by letting your new and previously existing patients know that you’ve got your eye on the future of communications technology. People tend to stick with like-minded individuals and businesses, which is why it is all the more important to get connected with mobile services that can work for you.

We can provide great opportunities for mobile development and integration for your site, all at very cost-effective rates that include packages that will generate content for your site. Mobile-friendly internet access isn’t the future; it’s the present, and it’s what modern visitors are going to expect when they visit your site. To stay on the same page of this growing trend, just contact our team and find out how we can deliver a better mobile experience for your visitors today.

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