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Reputation-ManagementEvery dentist knows that their profession is one of the least welcome for people to visit, especially when it’s their first time. What can make that even more difficult is the need to manage your reputation online; positive reviews can let visitors know that your dental practice may offer the right services and level of care that individuals may be searching for, but negative reviews, often posted anonymously, can muddy the waters and hurt your ability to get new, potential patients through your door.

A few negative posts or reviews alone can’t do much damage, when you take the entirety of the internet into consideration, but when there’s more negative than positive opinion in the wild, it can actually influence Google search trends and autocomplete forms. The last thing that a practice wants or needs is for Google to suggest a negative term after a user types in the name of their practice specifically.

How can you improve your reputation, if you find yourself in this situation? The answer often lies in professioanl dentist reputation and management. As part of our marketing services, we provide trend analysis and reputation review to our clients who may need repair, or who are new to the field of dental health care and want to establish a positive reputation early on. Through the use of tools like SEO, organic content, and active defense against negative reviews and news pieces, we can work to turn your reputation around.

Protect Your Reputation

Although you may think that your reputation doesn’t need defense, you may be surprised at just how many avenues are available for negative opinion to creep in. Through sites like RateMD, Yelp, and Google’s own review services, you may find that negative reviews crop up near local search results whenever a user is looking for dental practices in their area. With the nature of online browsing, and mobile browsing in particular, a quick glimpse at that information may be all that a user needs to form his or her own opinion. If those reviews are largely negative, you will have an image problem.

With our reputation management services, we work to actively control your image and get your reputation back on the road to recovery. Our ultimate goal is to provide a self-sustaining, positive reputation service that will keep you on the right track well after we have performed our own reputation management, but in order to get there, we first need to review your current reputation and where negative opinions are coming from.

  • We provide a current estimate of your online reputation as a whole, based on research that we perform, which can include Google analytics information, social media feedback, and much more.
  • We look at the source of any negative opinion that may be watering down your reputation, as well as any “campaigns” that may be in use against you.
  • We can provide positive reputation support and reputation repair on any medium that allows for feedback and commenting, both to provide more organic support and to improve search engine reputation.
  • We perform all of our services up to the ethical standards that search engines rely on when determining which sites are working within proper code of conduct. This means that our reputation management services will not harm your ranking, and in fact will provide improvements over time.
  • We don’t engage in any actions that would be considered questionable, which include spam, misleading article titles, or outright lies. We instead use time-tested PR strategies and tools to mend your reputation if it is damaged, and foster the growth of positive initiatives wherever available.

Reputation management could be the key to turning around your current online image, or it could also be the best way to establish your practice online. To find out more, contact our Reputation Management team, and get an estimate on our services at no cost.

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