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Dental Office Branding

brandingThe art of “branding” exists within the umbrella term of marketing, and refers to establishing a public identity that makes it easier to relate a set of ideas. For example, we all know of popular brands in fast food, athletic shoes, and premium cars, and we tend to associate those names, logos, and aesthetics with a certain level of quality. As a culture, we’ve even taken brands and made them the go-to word for the product as a whole, such as referring to tissue paper as Kleenex. A strong brand can go a long way toward establishing your place in a market, but it takes a specific set of skills to create branding that works.

With our brand creation and management services, we look at the different strengths that your dental practice has, and that your staff can bring to the table. We analyze your current location, along with the words, colors, phrasing, and more that is popular to the area, as well as which qualities are associated with your goals. For example, if you want to project the image of being a celebrity dentist, you will need a brand to match that aspiration. If your goal is to become a primary family dental care provider, you will need an entirely different brand and aesthetic. There are as many brand options and considerations as there are dental practices, so every brand needs to be unique, well thought out, and memorable.

Your Brand Matters

A brand is often like a storefront, or a business card; at one glance, a person should be able to determine everything that they need to know about your services. If your brand is too complicated, the message may be lost. If it’s too simple, a viewer may have no idea what the brand is supposed to represent, or even why they should care. To put it simply, there’s a fine balance between complexity and simplicity that very few can accurately gauge in brand creation, which is why so many businesses turn to professional services to accomplish that goal.

With our brand creation and management, we look at:

  • Which brands resonate most positively with patients in your area through data research and analysis, both to learn more about how you can stand out among the competition and where your “place” in that market should be.
  •  Your current reputation and branding, and what we can do to make improvements to that. Most practices suffer from either non-existent branding, or outdated branding which conveys a message of being behind the times. We can bring your practice up to speed, with a brand that matches.
  • The most effective aspects of your practice in terms of converting into your brand. A brand should be like a shorthand version of a long marketing piece or article; the idea is to encapsulate the essence of your practice into a quick, easily recognizable image, slogan, and reputation.

Your brand should say a lot about your level of skill, the care that you provide for your patients, and your commitment to provide a higher level of care to everyone who comes through your door. Branding can be even more important for those in health care professions like dentists, because it must also communicate that you are an authority and friendly.

The brand says a lot about your personality, the way that you will treat patients, and how quickly you can adapt to new problems and situations that can arise. It’s easy to see why it can be so difficult to create successful branding, but our branding services can meet the challenge head on through research, marketing expertise, and a strong focus on getting results.

Our branding includes graphic design, statistics analysis, slogan creation, and brand management opportunities. Branding can also be incorporated into your other marketing services for even stronger results, which is why we encourage all of our clients to consider adding our branding services to any packages and plans we provide.

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