How to Benefit From Being a Small Dental Practice

How to Benefit From Being a Small Dental Practice

When you run a small business such as a small dental practice, it can sometimes be difficult to stand out and to get noticed amongst all the competition – competition which will frequently have more resources, more finances and more experience when it comes to marketing.

That said though, dentist marketing isn’t all about being the biggest fish. In fact, there can be some advantages to being a smaller business which we will look at here. It’s all about playing the cards you’re dealt…

Creating Personality

One of the advantages of being a small dental practice is that it gives you the opportunity to build more of a relationship with individual patients and to give yourself more personality. While large companies can sometimes seem a bit distant and detached, having a small practice will let people feel as though they know you. Social media is particularly useful in this regard because you can stay in touch with your patients and inform them of promotions and of your various activities.

On top of social media you might also look into creating yourself more of a personal brand. You may even opt to include your own name in your business name or your website. Video marketing can also help you to portray more personality.

Lower Overheads

Competing on price is one way to get ahead in any business and to increase new customers. Doing this is tricky when you consider that larger companies have the ‘economy of scale’ on their side but by reducing overheads as much as possible you can become more flexible and affordable that way instead.


People like being able to speak directly to the business owner and this is another advantage of being small. This is another way in which you can use social media to your advantage as well.

Things Not to Do

TO end with, bear in mind that there are also some things that it is important not to do. Generally, these are things that small businesses will often try to do in order to seem like ‘big’ companies. Using the word ‘we’ a lot is one, as is writing in entirely third person.

You are a small business filled with passionate individuals who get on well and who care about the patients. THIS is your selling point, so don’t be ashamed to be a ‘small business’.

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