Local Mobile Search Engine Optimization for Dentists Office

Local, Mobile Search Engine Optimization for 2015 – Doing it Right

When it comes to how you should get found online, a lot has changed in the past few years. Google is constantly updating the way it works with tweaks to its algorithms and simply put, the best practices and strategies are different from what they were even fairly recently. If you want to get found online then your approach to Search Engine Optimization for business should have evolved to reflect these changes.

Let’s take a hard look at the best SEO practices for 2015.

Local and Mobile

These days, SEO for business is all about mobile and it’s all about local search. In other words, more and more people are now using mobile devices to surf the web and when using those devices they are more likely to search for mobile businesses.

Thus, it has never been more important to utilize responsive website design that looks good on all kinds of displays. Likewise, it has never been more important to use local SEO companies Atlanta if you’re in the area. You should also look into mobile marketing and consider whether or not you might benefit from a mobile app. Have you learned about Google’s mobile friendliness update yet? Has your dentist marketing company?


Keywords are still useful in the SEO landscape of 2015 but it’s not as simple to use these as it once was. Today, search engine optimization is about focusing on the reader and about delivering quality content. Stuffing your articles with keywords is only going to get your site penalized by Google and especially if it sounds awkward.

Bear in mind that you’re very unlikely to rank for a generic phrase like ‘Dentist’ and that very few people are searching for random terms that have less competition. This is why local search engine optimization is important but it’s also why you should focus on having a low density of keywords that occur naturally. LSI optimization is also big today and that means writing around the subject and including lots of related terms and synonyms. Let your ‘long-tail’ keywords emerge naturally and forget inserting awkward phrases.

Other Marketing Tools

SEO for business is only one piece of the puzzle and should go hand-in-hand with a good content marketing strategy, a good social media strategy and other techniques like influencer marketing.

At the end of the day, SEO for business is complicated and is only getting more complicated. Make sure you take this into account with your dentist marketing.

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